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Umbrella Insurance in New York

Umbrella insurance policy is additional coverage that protects prevailing financial obligations and coverages of other policies being offered. It also extends coverage for property damage, injuries, individual lawsuits, and personal liability situations. Umbrella insurance policy comes into play as a second layer of financial protection when your primary policies like homeowner’s and auto insurance are exhausted.

Acquiring umbrella insurance from a reputable and authorized insurance company in New York can give extra protection if you are sued for the assets you own, savings, investment, and future wages. In case a guest is injured on your premise, and their medical expenses supersedes the liability confines of your homeowner’s policy your umbrella policy will come in and pay the remaining balance.

As a resident of Spring Valley, NY it is crucial to understand the types and benefits of buying an umbrella insurance policy to protect your financial future. Umbrella insurance policy also adds layers of protection to help you avoid financial hardship should a calamity strikes. Do you want to acquire coverage that extends well beyond your home and auto insurance policies in Spring Valley, NY? Please speak to our experienced agents at Edouard Insurance Agency Inc offices and get detailed information about the umbrella insurance policy.

What does the umbrella insurance cover?

  • Personal injury.
  • Property damage.
  • Landlord liability.
  • Libel, slander, or defamation.
  • Legal representation fees.
  • False arrest.

What is not covered under an umbrella insurance policy.

Some exceptions are not covered by umbrella insurance. These include:

  • Contract disputes.
  • Damage to your personal property.
  • Personal injuries.
  • Business-related liabilities or losses.
  • Injuries or damages resulting from criminal activity.

Types of umbrella insurance

Bodily injury liability: This policy pays for damages to another person’s body, including medical expenses and liability claims as a result of injuries.

Property damage liability: This coverage pays the cost of damages or loss to another person’s property.

Owners of rental units: It helps to protect against liability that you may face as a landlord.

Are you a resident of Spring Valley, NY? Contact us or visit Edouard Insurance Agency Inc offices in New York for more information and start your insurance journey with us.

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