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Condo And Renters Insurance in New York

Insuring Your Home

Whether you own or rent, you need insurance to cover what you own. Condo and renter’s insurance policies have a lot in common, but they are different in a few fundamental ways. If you need either of these insurance policies in New York, call us at Edouard Insurance Agency Inc in Spring Valley, NY to discuss your needs with an insurance agent.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance offers a few different types of coverage. Firstly, it covers the inside of the dwelling- the part that you own. The outside part is not owned or maintained by the condo owner, and you don't have to insure it. Secondly, condo insurance covers your belongings that are inside your condo against them becoming ruined or destroyed. Thirdly, condo insurance gives you some liability coverage for third parties just in case there is ever an accident in your home. Condo insurance will also cover any improvements that you've made on the outside of the building that you are supposed to maintain.

Renters' Insurance

Unlike condo insurance, this insurance type does not offer coverage on the building itself- not even the inside of it. The owner of the New York property has to insure that part. What renters' insurance focuses on is your possessions inside the rental. It may come with some liability coverage as well, but the main focus is on your belongings. It's always a good idea to catalog your possessions and to have pictures of them in case the items are destroyed.

Getting Your Coverage

Whether you have bought or you rent, you need protection for your home. Call us at Edouard Insurance Agency Inc in Spring Valley, NY to make your appointment with an agent. Your agent can tell you more about how these policies work and how much you will need.

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